Merge Go


Background Story

Merge Go is a world where people and monsters live in harmony. In the Merge Go world, trainers—who summon monsters to fight—are the most respected profession.
As a very talented trainer, you will undertake a series of adventures and challenges in the Merge Go world. By collecting different monsters, you can qualify to challenge gyms of all levels and level-up to become an advanced trainer.
Continue to collect monsters and challenge other gyms, and progress from a training apprentice to become the master trainer!

Game Features

Merge Go is an Idle RPG game, in which players spend idle time collecting monsters. All NFT monsters collected belong to the players and within their collection, they can choose which monsters they use for in-game adventures. Alternatively, they can also trade monsters and profit.
One of the most special features in the game is capturing monsters and collecting their portraits. Players will encounter a myriad of monsters and species during their adventures, and will need to use a PetBox to catch them. The more portraits collected, the larger income they will receive.