Merge Go

NFT Yield Farming

Merge Go Farm has a unique farming mining pool for Merge Go Monsters NFTs. Players can form an exploration team with their Merge Go NFTs and stake them to earn G3 tokens through exploration farming. Merge Go has two innovations on the traditional P2E pledge:
  1. 1.
    Computing power will receive bonuses, their size based on the progress of the player's monster portrait collection
  2. 2.
    Computing power will increase depending on the combat power level of the pledge level chosen:
Trainer Level
Increased Mine
Practice Trainer
Skilled Trainer
Junior Trainer
Intermediate Trainer
Advanced Trainer
Professional Trainer
Expert Trainer
Master Trainer
Legend Trainer
Trainer King
Each Merge Go Monster NFT has a randomly generated Power attribute that can be upgraded by consuming other Merge Go Monster NFTs. The Total Combat Power is calculated by adding up the combat power of all the Merge Go Monsters in your team. The amount of G3 tokens mined depends on your weighted average of the total power across this NFT Yield Farming pool.
Each Merge Go Monster has an Energy attribute. Once NFT(s) have been staked a countdown timer will start. Once Energy reaches 0, the mining period is considered complete, and the Merge Go Monster will need to recover before they can be staked for farming again.